• Records of customer data, contractors and objects
  • Escort procedures
  • Crew management
  • Stacking task cards
  • Fleet management
  • Cooperation with sorting centers
  • Analysis of transport costs and convoys
  • Terminals for crews for mobile phones
  • Transferring task cards to terminals
  • Confirmations of commuting, departures and events
  • Notification of changes in tasks
  • Positioning and control of reports via GPS

Preparing task cards

Dispatchers when planning routes allocate the crew to the vehicle and specify a list of tasks. Each task consists of a collection point and a value sentence. Earlier tasks saved in graphics are sent to the appropriate crew, for example, collection, while convoys reported directly by the client are registered using the “pattern routes” mechanism or by directly entering using their own codename or codename.

Crew management

The operational operation of the escort group dispatchers is concentrated on the escort console, where all escort groups with the task cards and the status of their execution are visible. If the crews are equipped with GPRS connectivity, on the console in real time are marked up inroads and departures from objects and completed tasks. The program reports separately the waiting time and driving time.

Fleet management

Records of vehicles include, in addition to the basic information, data on who is responsible for the vehicle, what defects were reported, where they were repaired, records of changes in tires, course of insurance, refueling, etc. Signaling to the dispatcher for an increased than acceptable fuel consumption is possible.

Cooperation with the sorting plant

The Convoy program can work with the AD INFO Database program. The cooperation can be done directly by exchanging orders with the Sorting Center through a database or through files.

Connectivity with crews

Each of the escort crews can be equipped with a system terminal operating on the palmtop. With it, the crew is informed about the assigned tasks, and the same sends the confirmation of arrival of the vehicle for the object and departure. The palmtop can be connected to the GPS receiver and then the vehicle position can be displayed on the map in the dispatcher console.


The Convoying program is used to record customer data, contacts, objects and the scope of escort services provided. For each of the points it is possible to enter schedules when tasks are to be performed and on this basis the program itself generates entries to the task cards of the relevant crews.

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