CRM marketing

  • Registration of contracts and other documents – including scans
  • Managing contacts with clients
  • Records of potential customers
  • Orders for the technical department
  • Data about clients for accounting
  • Full documentation for the Ministry of the Interior
  • Settlement of traders: – potential client – commissions
  • Complaints service
  • Analyzes and reports

Commissions for Sales people

The Marketing program has tools for defining, calculating and awarding commissions for sales staff. Commissions may be dependent on the amount of the subscription, the profitability of the contract or the type of package purchased. Calculation of commission takes place after the conclusion of the contract or after receiving payment from the client. In the program, you can implement virtually any type of commission system.

Registration of contracts

After conclusion, contracts with clients are recorded and scanned in the system. On their basis, orders for installation to the Technical Department are issued. Registered monitoring contracts are transferred to the Monitoring Station. Contracts and annexes registered in the Marketing program are used to generate invoices, and the changes introduced in them have an impact on the amount of invoiced services.

Analyzes and reports

Sales results or trends in acquiring customers can be presented in the form of several dozen reports. Analyzes can be presented according to the type of contract, traders, branches, etc. Quantity and value balances of acquired and lost contracts are available.

Customer Service

Full access to data of potential and currently serviced clients means that the Marketing program is also used in the Customer Service Department (DOK). The users of the program have access to not only data and contract scans, but also to the sales and payment history as well as the register of all customer contacts. By connecting with the Technical Department and Monitoring Station, employees of DOK see the course of installation and service of objects, they also have access to events on objects and how they are handled by operators

Pre-sale service

The CRM tools included in the Marketing program enable the registration and planning of meetings or contacts with potential clients. They allow you to run marketing projects aimed at acquiring customers and to evaluate the effectiveness of both entire projects and individual traders.

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