Invoicing and debt collection

Description of the function

Invoicing and debt collection

  • Generation of invoices based on contracts and annexes
  • Confidence in invoicing all facilities and clients
  • Invoicing all installation and service works immediately after their completion
  • Protection against modification of the data of invoiced clients
  • Registration of debt collection contacts with clients
  • Printing customer balances on the invoice and payment requests

Invoicing services of the Technical Department

Each report on completion of technical work is marked in the Technical Service program if it is subject to invoicing. If it is intended for invoicing, then the Invoicing program is visible on the list of completed works. The invoice is generated on the basis of data recorded in the protocol.

Invoicing for Physical Protection services

Services provided by the Physical Protection department are invoiced after registering the hours worked on the facilities. Invoices can be issued at a flat rate or according to hourly rates.

Invoicing Conversion services

Convoy services may be invoiced on the basis of completed job cards for individual crews. These cards consist of collection services and values that can be separately priced.

Additional data on invoices

Each of the invoices has a tab with information on which contracts or protocols it has been issued. In addition, each of the invoice items can be associated with a specific object. This allows you to analyze sales results even at the level of facilities and contracts.

Debt collection

The program generates payment invitations that can be printed along with the invoice. Employees of the Debt Collection Department, by contacting the client, issue notes in the system. The current status of settlements with the customer can be automatically saved to these notes.
The system reminds debt collectors when they should contact the customer again and automatically end up handling cases in case of payment.

The system makes it possible to carry out judicial debt collection documents, with different paths of proceedings depending on the client’s category. Reports are available, which matters and at what stage are in progress.

Invoicing subscriptions

Invoices for subscription services are issued on the basis of contracts. Invoicing is done by generating for the type of contract indicated and can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. The program itself includes annexes, termination or termination of invoices when generating invoices.

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