Invoicing and debt collection

Description of the function


  • Automatic invoicing: generation of 1,500 invoices within 10 minutes
  • Many correspondence addresses for one client
  • The possibility of generating multiple invoices for one contract, sent to different addresses
  • Installment payments on invoices
  • Schemes of installments with automatic calculation of payment dates
  • Possible printing of VAT registers separately for subscription services (on customer’s request)
  • Support for mass payments with individual customer accounts
  • Printing transfers for customers
  • The possibility of printing on a single invoice and transfer forms
  • Printing settlement of payments on invoices
  • Generation of load notes for unjustified interventions
  • Invoicing physical protection based on protection reports or lump sums
  • Invoicing escort services based on task cards or lump sums
  • Checking the number of invoice printouts
  • The possibility of registration of purchase documents

Debt collection

  • Customer debt collection groups
  • Assignment of debt collectors to customer groups
  • Definitions of recovery schemes, including judicial proceedings
  • Reports showing cases at the selected collection stage
  • The ability to automatically generate the first request for payment immediately when printing the invoice
  • Recovery notes with a reminder of customer contact
  • Access to data of persons authorized to cancel alarms (without passwords)
  • Routines completed when terminating the contract with the client
  • Collection reports including installment payments
  • Contract reports terminated with a non-zero customer balance
  • Customer debt control for liabilities with other companies included in the capital group
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