Cash service


The Sorting program works in an architecture that allows the work of many sorting plants, regardless of the connection status with the control panel. The current data of each sorting plant is visible on the central server and can be updated at any frequency, for example every 5 minutes.

Organization of cash counting

Each package accepted for the sorting plant is registered, with the possibility of using bar codes. Each transfer of the package between the vault, change manager and counter is recorded. On the basis of records in the database, it is possible to recreate the path that the envelope has passed since appearing in the sorting room, to transfer the value to the treasury. It is possible to connect to counters positions counting devices that send data to the program via a serial link.

Permissions and security

People with different functions in the sorting room have access to separate modules, tailored to the scope of their duties. The system for approving counters’ reports and sorting changes allows for full control of the conformity of the converted cash with the amounts declared. If any discrepancies are found, appropriate notes are automatically printed and packets are blocked, with the need to approve non-compliance by the management.

Vault service

The treasury is connected with sorting work. The end of the change in the sorting plant is conditioned by the loading of all leads in the vault. New leads are signaled visually and audibly. Within the same bank, it is possible to group vaults in many branches. In the treasury collections, the values of prepared benefits can be recognized.

Cooperation with banking systems

The implementation of the Sortownia program includes the configuration of interfaces with banking IT systems. Through established protocols, banks can directly report branches and ATMs. There are also solutions that allow you to read the current state at ATMs and support the preparation of benefits.


Sorting employees, by logging into the program, choose a bank whose values are currently being converted. In special cases, it is possible to register the package to a bank other than the current one. Each bank has an independently maintained treasury and reporting. Values can be registered in any currencies.

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