Technical Support

Description of the function

Technical Support

  • Installation, service and maintenance orders
  • Orders settled via the acceptance reports
  • A list of devices installed on the site
  • A list of activities performed on the site
  • Automatic generation of maintenance orders
  • Assigning service technicians to areas / objects
  • Calculating the profitability of individual contracts
  • Cost control related to external and internal servicers
  • Accounting for service technicians and installers from entrusted equipment
  • Accounting for service technicians and installers from completed works
  • Terminals for installers
  • Keeping the books of realization

Maintenance support

Persons dealing with maintenance management determine – based on the contract registered in Marketing – the definition of maintenance on the site. The definition of maintenance is used for automatic generation of orders for maintenance of facilities.

Service and maintenance

The Service Department uses the Technical Service program to handle service requests (document registered in the system) and to manage service orders. Users of the program have an insight into the work graphics of individual service technicians and on this basis can assign further tasks.

Settlement of installers and service technicians

The system, thanks to its link to the Magazyn program, has information on the material costs of installations and services, and thanks to the connection with Invoicing, the invoiced amount and the payment status for services rendered are available. On this basis installers ‘and service agents’ commissions may be counted, containing a component depending on the profitability of the services. Installers and service engineers are also billed in the program with the devices entrusted to them, because each has its own individual equipment file.

Cooperation with the Monitoring Station

In the Technical Service program, you can directly check what signals have been received from the site and when communication deficiencies were found. Support for missing communication does not require the involvement of the Monitoring Station staff. In turn, the employees of the Monitoring Stations register service requests, which are then serviced by the Service Department in the Technical Service program.

Cooperation with the Invoicing Department

The reports on installation, service or maintenance registered in the Technical Service program are the basis for issuing a sales invoice in the Invoicing Department.

Installation support

Users of the Technical Service program work primarily on orders previously registered in the Marketing program or directly entered by employees of the Technical Department. The orders contain, among others, the specification of articles intended for the installation, to be released from the warehouse. After accepting the order for execution, it is visible in the warehouse. After the installation, the handover protocol is registered with the option of connecting the document scan.

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