Guard Report 24 is a modern tool for managing and supervising security personnel. All aspects of physical protection services are registered and operated by a single, common and intuitive web interface. Thanks to the mobile application and integrated devices to control the rounds, we provide our clients with the highest quality in protection.

The most important features of the platform:

Mobile application for smartphones

Real-time monitoring of the rounds

Console for dispatcher

Register of facilities and clients

Procedures and reports

Register of employees

Register of inputs / outputs

Settlement time

Object book

GUARD Report24 in numbers

Satisfied customers

Supported objects

The app works in countries

Implemented mobile applications

Benefits of platform implementation



Cost reduction

Optimization of internal processes and immediate access to reports allow to significantly reduce the costs of the organization

Expected profits

Thanks to the innovativeness of the system, it is easier to compete on the market and fight for potential clients. More satisfied customers are more profitable

Competitive advantage

By getting access to the platform, we can better manage our own enterprise. Thanks to SecurityReport24 technology, we gain a significant advantage over our competitors

Effective use of resources

By eliminating paper documentation and implementing a unified management system, we achieve order in the organization. Thanks to comprehensive event support, we will not forget about any activities

Test the SecurityReport24 platform

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