Mobile application CleaningReport24

Features and support of the mobile application

The main task of the application is to display the user’s tasks (cleaning staff of the company), which he has to do this particular day and those that have already been done.
Through the application you can generate and send a report, report the incident, as well as register the start and end of their shift. With its intuitive user interface it is easy insight into the procedures. The cleaning people can quickly and intuitively report the occurrence of particular events and may report the unusual situation.
The application is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German and Russian.

Login to application

User logins to mobile or www application using unique user name and password. Passwords and credentials are configurable in the www application from where it is possible to assign users to sites and tasks.
Each login is registered with a date and time so it is easy to retrieve all information about the work log.
All connections are encrypted for maximum security of data. Additional restrictions are also configurable.

Choosing a site

If the login is successful, the list of sites is displayed basing on users permissions. Access to the selected site can be verified based on GPS.
Sites can be added and removed dynamically without having to log off from the application.

Tasks list / To do list

After selecting a site, list of tasks to do, appears in the application. At any time, the user can see what tasks have already been completed and which are coming.

There are three types of tasks:

  • confirmation is made only by clicking an option in the application,
  • confirmation requires a read of NFC tag
  • confirmation requires scanning a QR code

Completing of the tasks

After selecting a particular task, a communicate is displayed to the cleaning person who has to confirm its finish.
The first close-up of the phone to the NFC point starts the cleaning time, the second close-up (to the same point) ends the cleaning time.

The application communicates by voice: the beginning of cleaning and the end of cleaning.

Access to procedures

It is extremely important for cleaning people to know the procedures and have a constant access to them. All actual procedures, including all steps, are available in the application. To verify them do not even need an internet connection.

NOTE: If the cleaning person browses a procedure may report its occurrence, which, for the monitoring station will be an event. Steps of procedures performed by the employee become the event description.
Monitoring station uses the Web application where visible information are deficiencies perform tasks reported by incidents and performed the procedure. The application requires no installation. Using the functionality of the monitoring station is not necessary, but a good part of the provision of cleaning services.

Reporting the activities

TO DO list applies to activities planned. If something unplanned happens – either a routine action to be taken or an incident, employee reports through mobile application. As a result, the history of incidents is growing and company can skip additional reporting because customer has constant access to reports.

Time and attendance

It is very important that the company has control over the working time. The mobile application has the option confirming the beginning and end of each employee’s work. This is done by scanning employee IDs printed on NFC cards in the same way as access control cards.

PANIC button

In crisis situations, at any time, an employee can report an alarm via the application. The event is automatically visible at the monitoring station.

Using the application

Intuitive interface of the application allows to navigate the application easily. All actions can be taken starting at main menu.

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