Mobile applications

Terminal of Physical Protection


The OF mobile terminal application is intended to enable security managers to work using Android devices.
The terminal is to enable viewing and editing graphics on objects to which the manager has the rights. Most of the functionality from the desktop application is transferred to the mobile application.


Data will be viewed at the facility, post or employee level. The application presents contact details of the facility, plan of manning the outposts, and for the employee contact details, information about active contracts, absences and information about the facilities on which his duties are scheduled.


Workers’ schedules are presented in the form of a calendar with marked duties, whereby contracts of mandate and contracts of employment are distinguished. The application allows you to edit the duties and plan new ones.
When scheduling on-call time, employee’s contracts are taken into account and the employee’s “working out” in a given month (for example, if the employee has unfinished hours on a full-time contract, it will be suggested by default).

Working limits

In a similar way are presented the scheduls of the posts and the object. When adding a new duty, those employees who are not yet working out a full-time standard are prompted, and in the case of contracts of mandate – they have not yet reached the limit specified in the application, eg PLN 1850 gross.

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