Mobile applications

Terminal for convoy crews

Windows Mobile

Application designed for mobile devices with Windows Mobile equipped with barcode and QR scanners. Crews in real time report the implementation of tasks related to the transport of cash. The application can work equally in On Line and Off Line.


The crew handles events using defined actions (comments) that are transmitted to the server in real time and presented to the station operator. During handling, the order of the action is preserved and at every stage, the crew has the option of adding only comments resulting from the current state of the event, i.e., before accepting the event for handling, it is not possible to mark the way to the object, etc.


Using the terminal, escort crews can scan transport documents from the Ad Info system as well as from external systems. Based on the scanned codes, information about the quantity and value of packages declared by the customer is stored in the database. The tasks to be carried out are grouped on the terminal in a way that allows group confirmation of activities, e.g.: cashing in a sorting plant taken from several points.
The terminal also allows the convoy employee to verify the identity of persons authorized to collect value. These data are then transferred to the cash sorting system.


The application of convoy terminals also allows you to confirm the technical condition of the vehicle before the implementation of tasks, and also to report the amount of fuel refueled in connection with the current state of the vehicle mileage counter.

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