Mobile applications

Terminal for intervention crews

Android & Symbian

The application is designed for phones with Android system version min 4.04 and Symbian.
Events requiring crew intervention may be sent to the terminal in automatic mode or after confirmation by the operator of the monitoring station.


The crew handles events using defined actions (comments) that are transmitted to the server in real time and presented to the station operator. During handling, the order of the action is preserved and at every stage, the crew has the option of adding only comments resulting from the current state of the event, i.e., before accepting the event for service, it is not possible to mark the way to the object, etc.


The terminal application also allows you to signal to the operators of the crew occupation monitoring station and not directly related to the alarm events, and to prevent interventions such as Assistance, Collection / Passing of Arms, and Break.

Phone book

The application also allows you to give the crew a phone book from which the crew will be able to use during the implementation of tasks.


In addition, the crew thanks to the terminal can signal a threat, which will generate an alarm event for the monitoring center operators.

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