CRM marketing

Description of the function

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Pre-sale service

  • Registration of potential customers’ calls to the helpline
  • Records of sending information materials
  • Allocation of contacts with clients to merchants
  • Control of the potential customer satisfaction after meeting with a salesperson
  • Reminding about future contacts
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the salespersons
  • Reporting of the sales visits for managers
  • Issuing a note in the database after each contact with the client
  • Associating existing contacts with a new client after the conclusion of the contract

Marketing: customer service

  • Object console as an operational and financial information center
  • Access from the object console to (depending on the permissions):
    • list of contracts for the objects
    • scans of contracts
    • service requests
    • maps with the location of the object
    • contact lists and arrangements with the client (notes)
    • service work performed on the site
    • condition of the facility’s equipment
    • scheduled visits by service technicians / installers
    • maintenance information
    • the customer’s payment status and issued invoices
    • work completion protocols
      contacts of debt collection with the client
    • scanned incoming and outgoing correspondence
    • stocking and graphics of physical protection agents
    • physical protection reports
    • list of visits by security managers on facilities
    • signals received from the object
    • history of alarm event handling
    • graphic designers of escort services “collection”
    • recorded conversations with the client during event handling
      (it is also possible to record and listen to other conversations)
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