Physical protection

Description of the function
  • Computer-aided planning of service graphics on objects
  • Minimizing overtime – compliance with the new Labor Code
  • Full settlement of working time
  • Ready list of full time and commission hours for agent payouts
  • Registration of services in palmtops on large-surface facilities with GPRS transmission to the central office
  • Equipment records of personal facilities and equipment for security agents with the possibility of analyzing the usability period of the uniforms
  • Direct invoicing based on completed graphics
  • Forecast – planned protection revenues for a month or a year for all facilities
  • Checking the amount of employee order rates with the need to accept them above the limit
  • Transfer of hours for payouts to HR programs (*)
  • Signaling new absences for security managers (*)
  • Automatically set up employee files (*)
  • Checking whether the employee has a full-time or contractual contract in the planned / completed duty
  • Signaling to security managers of persons who have a full-time position and are not included in the planning of protection
  • There is no possibility to save a schedule, where one person works simultaneously in two places
  • Definable maximum length of on-call duty
  • Control of rest time between on-call duties
  • Warning in the event of a service schedule not being consistent with the planned protection resulting from the contract with the client
  • Possibility to enter on-call time paid to employees, but not invoiced, e.g. training, with the need to give reasons for invoicing
  • Possibility to enter on-call duty without paying for employees, while invoicing the customer
  • Calculating the commission of security managers from the income of the object after payment for invoices
  • Registration of security managers’ visits at facilities
  • Registration of additional security costs, e.g. receivables for using the customer’s phone
  • Possibility of entering and invoicing statements for intervention teams
  • Possibility to calculate the profitability of the facility based on income and costs (wages (*), security)

(*) required interface with the HR program

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